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About us!

EKP-12 Elite Private School of Advanced Science & Performing Arts Community Mission Statement

Earth Kids Academy Elite Private school dedicates itself to Advanced Academics, specializing within science, performing arts and worldwide future business development. For example The Academy's developmental school garden, in support of the Vegan Chain Restaurant & Animation Show in business by Earth Kids. This pathfinder experience teaches the merit of finances, nutrition, teamwork, job stability, and community support. 


Our top priority pertains to overall health, safety and career ready success for all students attending our academy through which we dedicate our educational environment to creating healthier pathways for star pupils providing individuals with the tools they need to succeed.


Our service offers a multitude of options to ensure parents have an adequate array of schooling choices to meet their family and student needs including virtual school, day school and boarding school. 


The Academy's goal is to redevelop our country with fun & entertaining action. For example Youth Centers, New Elite Sports including Race-car, Gymnastics, Pro-Cheer, Fencing, Kick-Boxing, Hockey, Lacrosse, Chess, Debate Team, Future Politicians Team, and more!


Students will have acquaintance with the highest care hands-on curriculum.We supply an outstanding curriculum that influences the world in better ways through family, TV and entertainment. Scholars aim to graduate with A Business Education Certificate partnered with The Highest Care Institution to create a stable starting point in their prospective community as well as pre-qualifying academic individual success upon High school Graduation.

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