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Advancing Innovative Men

AIM is the big brother business network, leading youth into success whilst opening oppurtunic doors for companies to collaborate with one another in support of scholarships and academic advancement.

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Office Employees

Women Innovators Networking Smart

WIN is the big sister business network, leading empowered youth through example and collaboration. This academic influencer program direct youth into career success prior to graduation, readying students for business and college.


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Cartoons in the Air

Networking Earth Worldwide

NEW is the family friendly entertainment network of our era. Students of EKA build, create and innovate film, animation, production, musc, sports and more in coordination with each participants education, evolving and entertaining at the international level.

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Engineering Class

Educating Driven Universities

EDU is the college network for students to engineer a new wave of technology to advance our world academically. EDU students graph, build, innovate and bring educational tech toys to life, all while earning credit towards HCI college courses.

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