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Student Registrars Office

Registration Application

Annual Registration Application

Complete your Student Registration Application here. 

Student Registrations Applications are open for the following

  • 2024 Spring Semester

  • 2024-2025 Academic School Year

Student Registrations Applications are currently closed for 2023 Fall Semester

Annual Registration Fee

Annual Registrations Fees total a $

Registration FAQ's

Registration FAQ's

What are the Annual Registration Fee's?

Annual Registration Fee's are designated to secure your students position within our academy

  • Annual Registration Fee's are mandatory to prepare your student with mandate compliance material​ include the following

    • Virtual Technology Registration.

    • Student School and Elective Uniform.

    • Student Textbook and or Class Material.

    • Student Nutritional Meal Planning.


When are Annual Registration Fee's Due?

  • Annual Registration Fee's are due at the time of the stated student's registration application submission.

    • ​Registration forms will not be considered without required fees.

Are Annual Registration Fee prices subjected to vary per student?

  • Registration Fee prices will not vary per student for any given reason.

Will my Students Annual Registration Fee be deemed as exempt?

  • Daycare participants registration fees are exempt.

  • Early Kindergarten-Preparatory Student registration fees are exempt.

Are Annual Registration Fees refundable?

  • All fees are nonrefundable.

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